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Civil Work

At 360 Vertikal Network we accompany and advise you on your project, from the beginning to the “as built”, and through all phases in the development of civil works. 

We offer a high-performance service where the main priority is a safe and well-executed project for our clients.

We carry out minimal impact or damage on the structure and an assessment of the maximum civil works necessary, whilst precisely adapting to the demands of the work.

The passion for our line of work has enabled us to grow and carry out diverse work such as; hard-to-reach areas, installations of lines 

of life or life safety systems, high load bindings, intricate measurements, various installations, witness intake, industrial welding, and oxyfuel work.

Our team of professionals has participated in the execution of very extensive projects. Relying on the experience and quality of execution of our experts, we have collaborated on different projects such as inspection and repair of hydro-electric bridges and dams, installation of topographic prisms, height welding, assembly of heavy metal structures, and installation of lifeline systems.

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