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Safety and Protection Systems at Height

360 Vertikal Network collaborates with different  manufacturers in order to offer the best solution for each project. We provide our clients with a technical team offering years of experience in the field, so we can guarantee a high quality service. 

Our company offers a personalized service for height safety consultancy, service, which evaluates the risks of each work area so they can  advise and offer a  health and safety consideration suitable for each new project, or system correction.

As we are certified installers for different suppliers, our technicians are approved for the installation, maintenance and revision of a wide range of fall protection systems.

The modification of the standard EN 795 in 2012 emphasizes the delivery of documentation and certification below:

-Data on the company installing the system.
-Exact location of the installation and detailed plan (start, end, intermediate, etc.).
-Name of the installing technician.
-Detailed information of the fixings.
-Technical report certifying that the installation follows the manufacturer’s guidelines.
-Manufacturer’s certification.

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